A worn path obstacles

Her selfless concern and undying love for her grandson can be interpreted as expressing the factual spirit of giving as well as self-sacrifice. This section contains words approx. She again continued her journey but there was another obstacle waiting her.

Along the long path she takes to obtain medication for her grandson, the obstacles she encounters include racism, poverty, and her age, but her thinking of her grandson enables her to overcome the obstacles.

A Worn Path, a Literary Analysis Essay | Essay

However, they should struggle and keep fighting to give their much needed assistance to the needy people. In the journey of life, there will be people who are going to judge and discriminate.

She artfully diverts his attention by getting him to chase off the strange dog, so she can retrieve this nickel. The author narrates everything in a beautiful way, explaining how the old woman stays motivated and determined to cover the distance from her abode to the nearest town where her grandson is in need.

He also believes that the crossing over the swamp of alligators could be rendered as the dark River of Styx. Selected Essays and Reviews. Furthermore, Welty uses her characters to significantly explore common ideas concerning the good virtues such as love and perseverance and the vices.

I do not feel that Welty wanted a person to read the short story and leave with a singular message. Not because of the nickel but because he was racist and he felt superior to her. In Christian, Christ is born at the death of the year—December.

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It is clear that because of her advanced age, Phoenix is not comfortable walking around. Unless it were an emergency. Phoenix envisions a mirage of a young child offering her marble cake while she takes a rest in the middle of her walk.

She is not concerned with whether Welty represents the African American race as a whole, Christ, or a mythical epic hero. Isaac argues that is where the significance of her name, Phoenix, comes into play.

A Worn Path Essay

Phoenix has made the journey enough times that her path to Natchez seems a worn path. After passing the supreme test, the hero receives a reward of major importance. Your computer should keep it as such. She lost her balance and fell down in a ditch there. Leaving the safety of her home to go to the ball where she will see her wicked stepsisters.

First of all, she is very old.

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She travels a long distance alone to the nearby town in Natchez, during December. When it is about to die, it sets up a nest of twigs and it ignites and burns to ashes. The questions are bolded. Her conversation with the nurse at the end, and other indications, make it clear that she has made this trip many times and intends to keep doing so as long as necessary.

This document is what she sees every time she reaches the end of her journey.Racism in A Worn Path by Eudora Welty In the short story of Welty "A Worn Path," symbolically demonstrates the difficulties that colored Americans had to endure due to their ethnicity.

Racism is portrayed in "The Worn Path" " towards Phoenix in which plays a part on her relationships and interactions with others and her self.

A Worn Path

Mar 05,  · Summary: The story “A Worn Path” is about an old black woman called Phoenix Jackson. She used to live in a village far away from the town.

“a Worn Path” The Antagonist”

She used to live in a village far away from the town. She had no one except a grandson. 4. `A worn path' is a story of unconscious heroism of Phoenix Jackson. Ans: Phoenix Jackson went to town for medicine for her grandson who had swallowed lye.

Her grandson's throat was not working. Mar 13,  · In "A Worn Path," the woman's trek is spurred by the need to obtain medicine for her ill grandson. Along the way, Phoenix encounters several obstacles and the story becomes a quest for her to overcome the trials she faces, which mirror her plight in society at willeyshandmadecandy.com: Resolved.

Well, as we see in "A Worn Path," Phoenix Jackson just keeps her eyes on the prize. Though we only watch one cycle through, we know she makes the arduous trip into town over and over again, every time her grandson needs more medicine.

“A Worn Path” is a short story by Eudora Welty. It was published in Atlantic Monthly magazine in The story describes a journey by an elderly black woman named Phoenix Jackson, who must walk a long way into Natchez from her home in rural Mississippi to retrieve medicine for her grandson.

A worn path obstacles
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